Council Election 2017

DSC_3662-1As an incumbent candidate for Council, I am proud and grateful to say that Amberley Village is a well-run municipality with highly capable staff at every level, both in administration and public safety. Our experienced Council works as a team in concert with staff, responsive to residents, to sustain and advance the Village for years to come.

My professional background is in communications, so the strengths I bring to Council arise from this area of expertise. I advocate for proactive communication with residents and Council processes that are clear, transparent and consistent.

Council Committees

Police-Fire: I became chair of this committee when I returned to Council in 2013. Although previously it met infrequently, I felt that because public safety is so significant that it should meet regularly. We meet at least quarterly for a department update, or more often if there are specific matters requiring Council action. As a result, Council members have greater insight into police and fire operations, which aids our decision making.

Finance: Though my background and experience are in other areas, I find this a rewarding committee assignment. Financial oversight is a primary role of Council, so this committee meets monthly. As a non-specialist, I frequently ask questions accountants might not think about, which at times has generated lively discussion.

Compensation & Benefits: As a committee member, I continually seek a balance between maintaining fiscal discipline and providing for employees. Much progress has been made in this area over the past four years.

Public Buildings & Parks: I chair this committee, which meets as needed. In the current term, the committee took up an ordinance to prohibit the use of unmanned model aircraft (i.e. drones) on village-owned property that was passed by Council in May 2016.

Community Engagement

img_2093Duke’s Central Corridor Pipeline Project has been a major focus for me since their plans first become public in February 2016. I attended one of the first open house meetings, held at PRM, and immediately became concerned. As a member of NOPE’s leadership team for nearly a year, I was actively involved in rallying opposition to this project out of concern for the safety and integrity of our communities. Holding Duke accountable has been a key priority. I spoke on behalf of the Village at several public meetings and continue to participate in the process with other local officials from affected jurisdictions.

img_2297In spring of this year I helped lead successful citizen efforts to renew our police levy, including the creation of yard signs, drafting mailers and presenting at small group meetings. Though most people seemed supportive, I felt it was important to make strong efforts to explain fully why the levy is needed, what progress has been made since its passage in 2012 and that all votes were needed.

Fun Stuff


#NationalCItyHallSelfieDay with Council colleague and fellow at-large candidate Elida Kamine



Volunteering at the One Stop Drop