“Why a $1/year lease on Amberley Green? What’s in it for the Village?”

I’m going to share responses to common questions I’m being asked as I campaign. 

The J has requested a $1/year lease for their proposed project at Amberley Green. Council has not yet deliberated or voted about this at all, but the general rationale for the request lies in the fact that the JCC would be investing several million dollars in the property to create amenities for their day camp and for the use of residents/the public. The Village does not have this kind of money to spend on improvements, so a partnership with an entity like the J offers advantages. Their recreational purpose aligns with desires for green space and park amenities, does not create heavy traffic, and leaves potential for other uses on the property. The J has indicated that having day camp operations at the Green would create opportunity for more employment at their current campus, adding to our tax base. I also believe the J’s project could stimulate other development on the site. It’s been mostly dormant for a decade, and though people use it as a park, it’s not a park. I think it’s time to make something happen there. However, it’s entirely true that the devil is in the details, and the question of “What’s in it for Amberley?” is an essential one that must remain in the forefront throughout the process.

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