Financial Stewardship

On the Finance and Compensation & Benefits Committees, I participate in the ongoing balancing act of allocating funds. Staff and Council consider all expenses with rigor. Following a near crisis in 2011-12, Village finances have been stabilized and a reserve fund balance re-established, facilitating lower millage for the 2017 police levy renewal. Subsequently, fluctuations in the earnings tax led to modest deficits being budgeted in 2018 and 2019, a possibility the Finance Committee had anticipated and accepted when reducing the police levy millage, because of surpluses in the prior five years.

Ongoing challenges remain to fund capital needs, especially for roads. The Kenwood Southwest Joint Economic Development Zone and the Mercy Medical office opening at the North Site have added revenue, while development at 2100 Section Rd. (former Gibson, owned by the Port Authority) offers the best potential for substantial new revenue going forward.

You can access easy-to-read charts and other information about Village financials via the OpenGov portal on the Amberley website.




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